We are the veterans' advocate and have helped make today's veterans' benefits a reality. Membership in the VFW entitles you to a free $1,000/$1,500 personal accident protection policy; personal assistance securing government benefits and entitlements for veterans; discounts on car rentals and hotel stays; and substantial insurance discounts, including pet insurance. There are many reasons to join the VFW, least of which includes the cameraderie that is present when you decide to associate yourself who individuals who, like you, know what it means to serve your nation in a time of conflict.

Membership Benefits and Perks

As a VFW Member you are entitled to many perks and benefits that are not available to a normal citizen. These things include accident insurance, vehicle insurance, long-term care, medical care and insurance, and even pet insurance. To view these perks in more detail please visit the Member Perks page on the National VFW website.

Other benefits include:

For a easy to use list of benefits for members of the VFW you can go to VFW Benefits page.

Another thing that is usually a point of contention for potential members is Post involvement. Becoming a member of our VFW post does not mean that you are required to attend meetings or even be active. If you pay your dues then you will always be given the benefits of being a member, regardless of your level of involvement. Of course we would love it if a new member decided to become an active member of our Post, but we won't hold it against you if you don't want to be involved. You will still be a fellow member and will be entitled to all of the same perks and benefits as any other member.

Still aren't sure? Feel free to contact us via email. Our address is available on our Contact Us page. We won't pressure you to join if you are just looking for information. We would love to hear from you!